The summer season in BIG STAR means combining classic cut pants and traditional jeans jacket models with modern power stretch technologies and light tencel fabrics. The College, Vintage, and Ocean lines are the answer to the different needs of the brand’s fans, who match their favourite pairs of BIG STAR jeans with the comfortable athletic elements of their wardrobe.

The College line is related to the style of American colleges of the 90’s. Bomber jackets are the most recognizable calling card of sports team captains and fraternities. The BIG STAR collection wouldn’t be complete without jackets with characteristic elastic waistbands. The colours of the proposed hoodies, long sleeve shirts, and jackets are limited to shades of red, maroon, and navy blue. T-shirts and polo shorts feature large printed BS logos. Men’s jeans have cuffed pant legs, while women’s pants are either ankle length or medium and short in length.

The Vintage line is the legacy of the history of the first jeans and a return to their classical versions. It is a decidedly calmer proposal of pants in indigo and blue jean colours and knits and cottons in dark greys. It is worth noting that the fabrics were made to appear aged and worn. Cold dye treatment gives the effect of having been washed multiple times and results in light discolouration at the seams and cuffs of cotton sweatshirts and T-shirts. Stone washing helps obtain natural looking wear and holes allowing for thicker denim fabrics to have a worn appearance.

The Ocean line is a nod to the hot summer and lighter proposals prepared for the warmest days of the year. Lightweight thin tencel shorts, cotton Bermuda shorts, and light coloured, even white jeans are supplemented with nautical style proposals. Tops, shirts, and thin knits in navy blue or red stripes bring coastal resorts to mind.

The BIG STAR spring – summer 2017 collection will be available in stores from 10th of February 2017.

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